Sumo Kaboom



Sumo Kaboom is a weekly podcast dedicated to our favorite sport - sumo wrestling. We chat about tournaments, current events, history and our favorite wrestlers.

Both Collins sisters are performers, improvisers, and creators and have absolutely no sumo training. But, they are huge sumo fans.

Having lived in Japan, Leslie loves the history and traditions of sumo. She also has a deep love for sumo karaoke singers. Laurie is fascinated by sumo wrestler fandom, the sumo training regimen and physicality of the sport.

Together, they serve up exciting sumo treats for sumo-curious fans. These kooky sisters share an enthusiasm for sumo and like all sisters, they work amazingly well together. All of the time. There are never any issues. Ever.

They love to post mash up photos of sumo wrestlers on Instagram and run an online BINGO game that anyone can play during each sumo tournament. It's a fun way to do sumo from the safety of your own couch. They also love to write exceptionally silly sumo content. If you want to receive their weekly updates, join their Substack below.

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