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Bingo cards for the September tournament are coming soon!

We play online BINGO every sumo tournament with about 500 people. For the September basho, we have new sponsors - and Both are providing sumo merchandise that you could win by getting a kachi-koshi or make-koshi BINGO! Past prizes have included bookmarks, tshirts, tegata, but the winner always wins a jar of homemade jam from Sumo Kaboom and a spotlight on our podcast!

The cards go quickly and the game gets bigger every tournament, so if you don't get a card this time, get on our email list for the next tournament. Sign up here. We NEVER share your email address and hate spam.

Get your BINGO card for the September basho HERE.


Claim a card.
Mark a wrestler when he gets 8 wins (kachi-koshi) and/or 8 losses (make-koshi).
5 across, down or diagonal wins a chance for prizes.
Send us a photo of your completed winning card over social media DM or email us ([email protected]) to be entered into the drawing for prizes ASAP. There’s a LOT of people playing.
Kachi-koshi BINGOs must be submitted on the 1st day that anyone else gets a BINGO. No matter your time zone in the world, send us your BINGO before the next day of sumo begins.
Make-koshi BINGOs must be submitted before the end of the basho.


  1. It's the honor system. Be cool.

  2. Squares are filled with wrestlers who are listed on the current banzuke. Even if a wrestler drops out before or during a tournament (like the entire Miyagino stable this time. sigh), he could still be on your card. Sometimes, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

  3. Even if it LOOKS like someone else won, keep playing. Remember, even by losing, these wrestlers could make you a winner!

  4. Your wrestler must wrestle to win that make-koshi or kashi-koshi. If they drop out before they get that 7-8 or 8-7, sorry!

  5. Have fun and good luck! Ganbatte!