Sumo Kaboom




We play online BINGO every sumo tournament with about 500 people! It's super fun, FREE, and you could win prizes by getting a kachi-koshi or make-koshi BINGO. Honestly, it's a fun way to learn the names of all the wrestlers and track the tournament. Plus, you'll know that you're watching the tournament with 499 other excited fans of sumo!

Past prizes: calendars, fan magazines, bookmarks, tshirts, tegata, pins, trading cards, star charts, cookies, books, manga, sumo-themed towels, calendars and banzuke. One winner always wins a jar of homemade jam from Sumo Kaboom and a spotlight on our podcast! The sponsor of our dreams, Robert at, provides a bevy of sumo merchandise. Big thanks to bigSUMOfan!

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  1. CLAIM A CARD. (Available the Wednesday or Thursday before each basho begins.)
  2. Watch sumo every day, and mark a wrestler when he gets 8 wins (kachi-koshi) and/or 8 losses (make-koshi).
  3. 5 across/down/diagonal of the same type is a BINGO (all kachi-koshi or all make-koshi).
  4. Send us a photo/screen shot of your completed winning card by email ([email protected]) ASAP and feel free to share your good fortune with the world over social media.
  5. The 1st to kachi-koshi or make-koshi BINGO wins a prize. If you BINGO later (any kind), your name goes into a drawing for a prize at the end of the basho. SO KEEP PLAYING.


  1. A sense of humor is appreciated and will earn you extra special BINGO points.

  2. IMPORTANT Squares are filled with wrestlers who are listed on the current banzuke. If a wrestler never wrestles in the tournament, it's NOT a make-koshi or kachi-koshi. It's a dead square. SORRY!

  3. Even if it LOOKS like someone else won, keep playing. Every BINGO puts your name into the drawing for prizes. We draw winners a day or two after each basho and contact them by email.

  4. If your wrestler wrestles at least 1 day, his record still counts. He might be make-koshi, but he could be JUST the loser you need to win BINGO.

  5. Have fun and good luck! Ganbatte!

BINGO CARDS AVAILABLE the Wednesday or Thursday before each basho begins!