Sumo Kaboom




Play along with Sumo Kaboom and the Tachiai blog.

Sumo and BINGO? They go together, like shamalamalama dippity dingy dong!
Get your free BINGO card HERE for the January 2021 basho.

How do you win?

Claim a card.
Mark a wrestler when he gets 8 wins (kachi-koshi).
5 across, down or diagonal wins.

Winners must send a photo of their winning card to Sumo Kaboom social media accounts (or email [email protected]) to claim their prizes - bragging rights and homemade jam.


  1. It's the honor system. Be cool.
  2. Squares are filled with makuuchi division wrestler names. If their name is on the banzuke, you could see them in a square, even if they drop out before or during the tournament.
  3. Be the first person to get a BINGO by sending us a photo of your completed card over social media DM or email.
  4. Have fun!
  5. If we get a winner, keep playing! Because sometimes, we award the first 2 Bingo winners! Good luck!

Play along with us and enjoy the basho!