Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 78: Terunofuji's Inspiration

Time Codes
0:30 News - Rikishi Karaoke and Leslie’s dream
4:20 That’s My Dream
5:10 Kenny Loggins and Dolly Partner
6:00 Terunofuji Inspiration
7:30 Paraolympics
9:20 Yoshiki Fuse
13:00 Futabayama
15:45 Tokitsukaze stable
16:28 Terrible childhood accidents
17:30 Blow darts, waves, and anchor - That’s Terrible! What’s the story?
18:45 There’s not a blow dart gun documentary to watch!!?
20:20 Gonosen and martial arts
26:50 Fun Fact. Cult.
29:00 ASL for sumo
31:00 JSA Outreach to more people with disabilities
33:30 Sumo wrestlers currently fighting with low vision
34:30 All sumo wrestlers have glasses that are too small
36:00 Paraolympic Wrestling Sports
38:00 All the things that sumo wrestlers fight with - poor eyesight, social anxiety, injury, dysentary
38:50 Ditto!
39:00 Duets, Trios and the Jonas Brothers
39:30 Shout Outs

Akiseyama: The man who fought with failing sight
Documentary on Fuse: 人間劇場ドキュメンタリー「土俵の青春」