Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 105 Haru Basho Days 1-3


Time Codes:

0 NY and supporters
4:30 people in brown jackets
6:45 juryo
7:30 Day 1 Oof. What's the oof for? It's so great to be back! Like old times.
10:00 day 1 henka
13:30 It's a nice pairing, Abi and Onosho.
14:45 Neck training
17:45 Sad music during Shodai's bouts to champagnes and aged whiskey
19:30 Not counting Shodai out
22:00 Day 2
24:15 Cheering for Nishikigi
25:15 Beer can in the dohyo?
26:30 Sumo school looks in the mirror - Brooding class 101
28:45 kimarite as verbs. uwatenage vs uwatedashinage
30:45 Wakatakakage body shape is tight!
33:00 Ichinojo vs. Takakeisho
35:20 Day 3
36:15 Loving cheering for NIshikigi
37:30 ukwatebnage is so pretty
41:45 glutes - bottom half pure muscle
46:00 Leslie's theory on reversal/do over
48:00 Who is 3-0
time codes

** Music:**

"Advanced Japanese Folk" by Audiotoolz

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Intro/Outtro music by MARiAN - Tokyo Trap