Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters, comedians, and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 111: Banzuke, Azumaryu and Midorifuji

Time Codes
:25 Leslie is patient zero
3:25 Newsflash
3:35 Congratulations to US Nationals competitors
4:54 Kisenosato got married to a general woman
6:19 Daieisho graduated from grad school
7:04 New weights for the wrestlers
8:03 Nicholas Cage is Tochinoshin
9:13 Leslie gave Ichinojo Covid
10:32 Abi moves back in with his family
11:46 Bingo reminder
13:15 Banzuke predictions &
14:07 Terunofuji
15:04 Ozeki & Sekiwake predictions
18:20 Abi & Hoshoryu
19:09 Takayasu
19:45 Daieisho
20:20 Kotonowaka & Kiribayama
21:33 Hokutofuji
21:38 Tamawashi will compete forever
22:15 Takanosho & Endo
22:45 Leslie is over the banzuke
23:51 Wakamotoharu
24:58 Azumaryu is an old man
26:15 His real name
28:00 Laurie can't say For-EIGN-OR
28:32 He is not going to do drugs
31:37 Teensy Midorifuji
33:03 His mom's disappointment
33:40 He left college early for sumo life
34:50 Shikona origin
36:12 His injuries


** Music:**

"Advanced Japanese Folk" by Audiotoolz

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Intro/Outtro music by MARiAN - Tokyo Trap