Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 114: Final 4 Days of the Basho and BINGO Winners


0 Amateur sumo tournaments
2:00 BINGO
2:45 Kachi-koshi BINGO winner Chris
6:30 Make-koshi BINGO winner Guy
9:45 Bondi beach
11:00 Donor thank you
13:00 Nakedness in the closet
15:00 Sumo poetry
16:00 What’s the difference between hatakikomi and henka?
17:45 Sumo Day 10 recap
18:15 Day 11
19:15 Sadanoumi v Wakamotoharu
20:00 Maraget Hamilton
22:15 Day 12 Tochinoshin
25:00 Ura v Takakeisho defying gravity and magic acts and NDAs
27:15 Terunofuji v Wakatakakage and the never say die family “moto”
29:10 Day 13 Hoshoryu v Sadanoumi - we ignored him in the past, changing leverage
32:15 Takanosho v Wakatakakage
ozekis going kadoban
34:00 Terunofuji v Takakeisho and the Cat Trick
37:00 Day 14 Ura out with injury
37:45 Ichiyamamoto v Wakamotoharu and the uchari
38:45 Were fan clubs there? Why the clapping? Will any ozeki get a kachi-koshi?
41:00 Day 15 small man sumo impresses Les
41:45 Sadanoumi v Takanosho
46:30 Wakatakakage v Abi
49:00 Terunofuji v Mitakeumi
52:30 Isegahama stable has good water


For info on amateur sumo tournaments- 11

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