Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 124: Eastern European Wrestlers and Tochinoshin


Time Codes:
2:00 Hakuho’s New Name
2:30 Hiro’s new Youtube Channel
4:00 Covid update
4:45 Gagamaru and his influence on our episode today
5:30 Leslie’s Questions. Why? Why are there so many guys from this part of the world?
7:30 Next door to Russia
8:30 Why? Annexation. Cold War. This is where I would have put a hard stop on my research!
11:00 Old forms of wrestling
12:45 If Moses had just said to the Pharaoh “let’s just wrestle about this…”
13:45 Belt sports
14:45 Pangea wrestling
15:30 Other styles of wrestling in Eastern Europe
18:00 Russian borders moved
23:30 What are the oldest sports?
25:20 Tochinoshin
26:30 dejavu and the Tochinoshin deep pool
28:15 I know nothing about the Cold War… except the rock and roll
28:45 Tochinoshin’s background
31:15 Tochinoshin arrives at the stable
33:00 The Western Clothing Incident
34:00 Old style hazing and punishment… the stable environment was REALLY REALLY tough. Relentless.
37:30 The beginning of the injuries - ACL
38:00 One of the reasons people love Tochinoshin is because he has fallen down… and has clawed his way back up.
41:30 Levan has been through everything! Couldn’t see his daughter for almost a year. He comes from winemaking family.
42:30 Hobbies
44:00 Famous for the tsuridashi
45:00 The Dental Technician and the Side Hustle we hope Tochinoshin has

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