Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 134: Sumo Fan Events

Time Codes:

0 Fan Events Intro
1:00 Jungyo History
20:00 Jungyo and Carnivals in America
24:10 Grand Sumo Fan Event 2022 “The One Place I Wanted to Be This Week”
26:00 Sumo-Con and the t-shirts
27:00 Opening Ceremony
30:30 Guiness World Records- who won them and translation problems
34:30 shiko and sumo jammies
38:00 Push Over a Rikishi
40:40 FOOD
44:00 Karaoke from our faves

YouTube videos:
Sumo Prime Time: “Would you please explain what makes sumo so special and attractive?”
【大相撲ファン感謝祭】オープニングセレモニー 横綱&三役&親方 2022/10/6 opening ceremony[Grand Sumo Fan Festival]照ノ富士 貴景勝 正代 御嶽海
【大相撲ファン感謝祭】大相撲のど自慢④ 阿武咲、高安が歌う♫ 2022/10/6 Onosho, Takayasu, singing contest [Grand Sumo Fan Festival]
[【大相撲ファン感謝祭】のど自慢⑤ 若元春、阿武咲、高安 2022/10/6 Wakamotoharu, Onosho, Takayasu, singing Grand Sumo Fan Fest]
【大相撲ファン感謝祭】のど自慢②若元春が歌う♪ 2022/10/6 Wakamotoharu, singing contest [Grand Sumo Fan Festival]

【大相撲ファン感謝祭】王鵬と手押し相撲❣️2022/10/6 hand push sumo with Oho[Grand Sumo Fan Festival]

【大相撲ファン感謝祭】みんなで四股踏みギネス挑戦❗️② いよいよギネスに挑戦♫ 2022/10/7 SHIKO Guinness [Grand Sumo Fan Festival] shiko
【大相撲ファン感謝祭】みんなで四股踏みギネス挑戦❗️③ 結果発表❗️2022/10/7 SHIKO Guinness [Grand Sumo Fan Festival] results

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