Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 138: Atamifuji and Tobizaru

Time Codes:

:30 News
4:15 BINGO
6:00 Atamifuji
8:30 Youngest and really good
11:45 He played the recorder as a 6th grader
14:15 His sister is a sumo wrestler, too
16:00 His sumo style
18:00 Atamifuji's favorite bands
21:00 Tobizaru
22:00 Japanese fandom is a real treat
25:50 New things about Tobizaru
28:00 style continues to develop
29:45 Oitekaze stable pictures that change to smiley photos
31:00 That's nice, but now give me cute-cutie. Tsurugisho and Tobizaru's teeth.
34:00 Tobizaru's Favorite Thing
SK 138 Atamifuji and Tobizaru FINAL.mp3
34:45 Super Handsome since he was little
38:00 Famous for his skin and full body hair removal
39:30 Two bands that Tobizaru likes

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