Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 148: Hakuho's Retirement

Time Codes:
0 Overview
2:00 News: corporate yokozuna
4:00 Tottori High
4:15 Valentines Day and the Annual Sexiest Rikishi Poll
6:45 News continued: Judging changes
8:00 Terunofuji's knees
9:45 Enho's eye surgery, kudos to the bandage crew
10:45 Hakuho's career overview begins
11:15 Sho = The Hakuho Prize
12:30 Hakuho's upbringing and family
15:30 Trip to Japan
18:15 Joining the stable
18:50 First official bout
21:50 Rapid rise to yokozuna
24:40 Records - where do you even start?
26:25 Hakuho Cup
26:45 Blows my mind
27:30 Thank God we started this podcast when we did and got to watch Hakuho
28:40 This is why his retirement ceremony was such a big deal. He went out on top.
29:00 Apologies and then talk through retirement ceremony
30:15 Kabuki
32:00 Anthems - which anthem was which? I know the difference!!
32:45 Gackt
35:30 Father/son sumo. Heartwarming stuff.
37:15 Speeches, haircutting and photography
39:00 Steven Segal
39:30 Haramafuji and the tears
40:45 Who's Who of Sumo
41:30 Replay of last fight and zensho yusho
42:45 Children and wife were a part of the ceremony, too
44:15 Ikioi sang
45:00 Nice haircut

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