Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 157: Unwinning Techniques

0- 3:45 Sumo Poetry
3:35 Rollertown Sumo Event
5:45 Netflix sumo show
7:45 Negative newsletters about sumo
10:45 New banzuke writing
12:15 Spring Tour, Terunofuji, Hoshoryu
14:00 Kimarite- how do you say it? No matter how you say it, you
are welcome.
16:00 82 recognized kimarite and sometimes there are new movies
16:45 Kotonowaka vs. Asashoryu 2004 “bridge” win
18:00 It’s all very confusing. Hard to see these things.
20:00 Unwinning moves
20:15 I won by not winning! Deep thought.
20:30 Win by foul - kinjite
21:15 Things you aren’t supposed to do. Hair pull
22:30 If someone grabs your hair, you win by not winning. If you get punched in the ring, you win.”
23:30 You could hurt somebody doing these fouls.
24:15 Other fouls.
24:45 If someone grabs your groin, you win. Sumo wrestle naked.
25:30 Nodowa vs. grabbing a neck
27:00 More fouls
28:30 One foul that gets you written up in the New York Times
29:15 Win by absence and how it is tracked with a box
30:30 5 other ways you’d win by not winning
31:00 Rear step out - Fumidashi
32:00 Forward step out - Lose by jumping the gun - Isamiyashi
33:34 Koshikudake - Inadvertent collapse
34:15 Tsukite and Tsukihiza - hand town down or knee touch down
35:10 Can you lose by trash talking?

Sources: Asashoryu vs. Kotonowaka

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