Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 159: Yorikiris and Oshidashis


Time Codes:
0:00 News and Facebook
7:30 Bruce and the Battle Hug / yorikiri
10:30 Pushers thrusters taking over sumo, how things have changed
11:00 oshidashi
11:15 ratio changing and variation going down in sumo - oohs is very ascendant
12:30 Why has that change happened in sumo? Easier to start with but harder to finish with. Hard to get above jury with this style.
13:45 If you’re good at it, you can obliterate people with it
14:00 Wave action - arrived in bunches
14:30 Star Blazers
15:00 Japanese cultural references in Tachiai blog
15:30 Oshi sumo - pushing, does it matter where you push?
15:45 Push tires and Takayasu
16:15 Takayasu is an optimum
16:30 Attack center mass though some go for obstructing at the head/neck/shoulders
17:00 Defending the center lane
18:00 oshidashi vs oshitaoshi
18:30 Nage is a throw - uwate (overarm grip), shitate (under the arm). Again, we need more kimarite
20:00 Kiribayama and Hoshoryu doing the best throws in sumo right now. Everyone’s throws are slightly different.
21:45 Kimitaoshi - not used between 2015 and 2020 but now it’s being used 4 times and it’s because of Terunofuji. One man. One kimarite.
23:15 Kimarite that are technical. Those evolved from judo. Then others are improvised. Ura does those.

24:15 Katasukochi - Midorifuji’s trademark, attacker pulls down in the arm and swings the opponentonot the clay. Pull and dump. But also… Kiribayama, Myogiryu, Nishikigi (Mr. Thunderpants), Oho, Terutsuyoshi, Ura (frequently submarining)
26:45 Shodai is the master of I don’t know I just did something and they went down
27:00 Sumo and statistics from 2022
28:00 Hazu (armpit) oshi - again not a kimarite
31:00 Otske
32:00 Reactive sumo

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