Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 165: New Chapters

Kiribayama becomes an ozeki and Kakuryu an Ikioi have their retirement ceremonies.

Time Codes:
:39 Newsflash
Belly touch wrestlers
Kotoshoho got engaged
Takayasu got married
Ishiura retires
5:40 we might be sumo gossip podcast
6:15 Kiribayama becomes an ozeki
8:30 Ozeki speech
9:15 Kiribayama backstory
15:42 enter kakuryu
16:20 baseline 3 bowls of rice
17:10 His new Shikona
17:30 pronouncing Kirishima
18:00 he gets to go home and Leslie can't pronounce anything
18:55 failed Japanese language & Ossu Ora Goku!
20:00 his record
20:20 retirement ceremonies differ from each other
21:23 kakuryu's ceremony
25:32 two styles of dohyo-iri
28:29 President of Mongolia cuts hair
29:40 tears began
30:50 career recap
32:00 new man, new haircut
32:15 Ikioi retirement
36:00 Ikioi sings with speech lady
37:00 Ikioi's personal life
38:20 Ikioi sings with Joji



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"Advanced Japanese Folk" by Audiotoolz

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