Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 167: The Dead Body Rule

Time Codes:
Cowboy Cup
7:00 Body Building
7:30 zumba elves
8:30 Corey Morrison
10:00 Dead Body Rule intro
10:12 Ura vs Kotonowaka breakdown
12:12 General sumo rules
13:00 HIgh stakes and what really happened
13:25 Shinitai
14:00 Leslie's been making up words lately
15:20 it's more of an exception
16:30 Outsider's explanation
16:42 Leslie's new word "Shinny-tai-tai"
17:30 How the shimpan monoii
18:17 Instant replay history & Taiho & Toda bout
19:00 Leslie is confused
21:40 desperation moves
22:00 examples with Tochinoshin
25:00 Tochi and asanoyama
26:00 how they decide in the monoii
27:20 The dangerous pancake
28:50 Cushion hand
30:00 Ura Kotonowaka so much force and in more control
Ura and Kotonowaka
Enho and Takakeisho

Monoii history shimpan background Hair video (they wash once a week typically)

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