Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 204: Days 4 - 10 March Basho

Time Codes:
0-2 Hello, BINGO
2:00 News
3:00 Day 4
Endo, the Conquistador, Shonan the Barbarian, injuries
15:30 Day 5
Takerufuji's magic sauce, Shonan the Barbarian's Prebout ritual, Shodai, Ura, Asanoyama/Hoshoryu, Oho
26:30 Day 6
Injured sumo, long sumo bout and both exhausted, Atamifuji, Asanoyama - Leslie's pony, Kotonowaka
33:00 Day 7
Terunofuji, Laurie learns what an uwatehineri is, courageous dismounts and belly flopping in sumo, Leslie peeing in foam pits, Onosho's great move going backwards, Oho, Kotonowaka would be a mean line dance partner, 
44:15 Day 8
Onosato, Tamawashi and his miracle juice, Ura, what is up with Kirishima?, Kotonowaka's sumo demo, 
49:30 Day 9
Churanoumi defense, it's getting real now, Midorifuji's epic win against Hoshoryu, what a wild leaderboard!
56:30 Day 10
Shonannoumi runs into the Takayasu wall, Takerufji, what Tobizaru ate,  Hoshoryu henka?!
1:04 How this is shaking up


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