Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 51: Pre Bout Rituals

We're talking about what sumo wrestlers do before each and every bout on the dohyo. And, we're talking about what YOU like, too, as we got on the socials last week to ask which prebout rituals are your favorite!

1:00 News
5:00 Sumo prebout rituals
15:50 Listener poll about favorite sumo wrestler's pre bout ritual
17:00 Takayasu's bear shrug
19:45 Takakeisho's shoulder roll
20:20 Kotoshogiku's backbend
21:28 Terutsuyoshi's salt throw
22:33 Hokutofuji's slapfest
24:10 Abi's shiko
24:45 Tochinoshin's towel chin tap and shuffle
26:00 Asashoryu's belly thwack
27:00 Harumafuji's dohyo kiss
28:30 Takamisakari's robotic prebout

Rituals in the Sumo Ring [所作] - SUMOPEDIA YouTube NHK WORLD-JAPAN'
Mina Hall's The Big Book of Sumo (1997)

Videos of pre bout rituals:
Sept 2012 - Day 15 - Hakuho v Harumafuji - Final Match!

Sumo Wrestler TAKAMISAKARI 2009


Takamisakari RoboCop vs E.Honda Aran I 100 Hands SUMO



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