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Episode 54: Eros Armstrong and Sumo Trailblazers

**Eros Armstrong **is the heavyweight representative on the 2020 Women's U.S. National Sumo Team. She's athletic, talented, and driven to be the best. And, she wants to bring more women into the sport.

Eros speaks eloquentrly about soul combat, warrior spirit, and leading other women to the sport of sumo - either through sumo clinics like the one at the WINS tournament or by walking up to other women at the grocery story and telling them that they would be good in sumo.

1:00 Help Annie Rose find the right sumo hair wax
5:00 Sumo News
12:45 First American in Makuuchi sumo division
14:50 Olympics
19:00 Women Trailblazers in sports
23:30 Eros Armstrong and the WINS Tournament

Watch the full interview with Eros on our youtube channel . We wish her wild success in her sumo journey!
If you want to follow Eros, check out her instagram eros_armstrong

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