Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 56: March Basho 1-3, Full Circle Hakuho

Oh my goodness. We covered a lot of ground here, because there's a lot of good sumo happening! We go full circle on Hakuho, break down our favorite matches and still can't seem to do the conversion of kilos to pounds.

"I find his beefy body so perfect. It's like a perfectly tailored suit."
"It was so strong, I felt it in my pelvic floor."
"Retirement? I don't want to think about it."

0:35 BINGO
2:0- Fan art
3:15 News
5:05 Takamisakari
7:15 Retirement of yokozuna
8:20 Basho Day 1, Juryo
9:30 The Dohyo iri
11:30 Akiseyama and Kotoshoho
13:30 Midorifuji and Hoshoryu
14:15 Ichinojo and Tochinoshin
16:35 Takayasu and Meisei
19:00 Judging and rematches
23:15 Pounds or kilos?
24:15 Terunofuji
25:18 Pounds or kilos again?
28:20 Shodai
30:15 Pimple popping
32:30 Sumo bodies
34:30 Chess
36:05 Hidenoumi
36:20 Day 2 Akiseyama and Terutsuyoshi
38:55 Belt sumo
42:00 Watch this in slo mo
45:40 Old ozeki vs. new ozeki
46:30 Hakuho's patience
48:45 The Old Guard
50:38 Day 3 Kujo
52:35 Chocolate ganache
53:45 Next chapter business
54:15 Ishiura
55:30 Takayasu and Shimanoumi
56:00 Mitakeumi and Takanosho
57:15 Terunofuji and Daieisho and the clothesline? Playground?
53:30 Ozeki wins
1:00:00 Takakeisho and Wakatakakage
1:02:10 Hakuho and Onosho
1:03:00 Tsurugisho
1:05:20 Chiyonokuni and Midorifuji
1:06:30 Myogiryu

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