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Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 67: John Gunning Talks Sumo (and a bunch of other fun stuff)

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Time Codes
0:43 Newsflash
0:47 Ryuden in the doghouse
3:38 Azumazeki Closing
4:00 Araiso Stable Opening
5:00 Intro to John Gunning
6:50 Interview start
7:55 Thoughts on Terunofuji - his biggest help, beatboxing, and how John got to know him
16:09 The band Libido
17:22 Karaoke preferences
18:20 John's Goth phase and eyeliner preference
20:10 Jumanji and Braveheart
20:50 what brought him to Japan
23:40 John first sumo tournament
24:00 Amateur sumo career and injury
29:40 CTE in sumo
34:57 all the sports media he does: NHK, NHK Global, Japan Times, Inside Sport Japan, pro sports photography
38:08 rapid fire questions
38:38 Stalker
39:15 Sumo Prankster
39:50 The good part of sumo ? Surviving
41:16 What is Takamisakari like?
41:33 How do you relax?
42:25 Describe good sports commentating.
50:20 Shikona Nishinoshima
51:54 Tochinoshin is a sweet guy
52:08 who is fire/teddy bear
53:40 Asashoryu is a funny guy
54:33 Favorite athlete interaction

57:26 The BIG HINT: he is working on something with a major streaming network in America

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