Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 69: Wakatakakage - When Sumo Runs in Your Family

Time Codes
52 Newsflash
:58 Asanoyama punishment
3:48 Ura McDonald's diet
6:28 Austin Tournament
8:09 Intro
9:05 Wakabayama Sadao
11:00 Japan immigration
16:40 Futabayama recruitment
17:30 sumo
17:48 Leslie is a robot
18:51 retirement
20:10 son in law Musashi Onami
21:38 Just like the musical Oliver
22:20 Just like the musical Annie
24:05 Intro to Waka boys
25:17 Childhood of Wakatakakage
26:24 NY Deli Sumo Atmosphere
26:55 Brothers interview
28:48 Earthquake
30:00 all about Wakatakakage and brothers
38:20 Waka's personality
38:38 Waka's children
39:55 blood type and preferences
40:15 His fighting style
41:41 How to remember the names
42:28 wrap up

Fukushima pride: 3 sumo brothers in 3 divisions

Brothers in action: Wakatakakage, Wakamotoharu, Wakatakamoto (Nov 2020) 三人兄弟 若隆景, 若元春, 若隆元の11月場所取組編

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