Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 74: July Basho Days 10-15

1:00 - 12:00 BINGO winners and losers
12:00 Call us and leave a message
13:10 Day 10
Kagayaki and Keisei
Tokushoryu and the audience
14:30 Is today the day I get crushed?
Takayasu and Wakatakakage
15:40 I love watching guys work at their limits and exceed them. He was schnockered?
Little guys doing great sumo.
17:45 Day 11 Hoshoryu and Shodai
Myogiryu and Chiyonoo “Utchari, utchari, utchari!”
22:05 Day 12
The Battle of the Legs Terutsuyoshi and Chiyoshoma
23:40 An unusual kimarite - if Santa pulled you off his knee backwards
Takayasu and Kiribyama
25:50 Give this guy a Fresca!
Ura and Tochinoshin
26:55 Day 13
Ura and the hair pull
Tobizaru and Kagayaki, Hoshoryu and Ichinojo
29:50 Hoshoryu’s amazing throw
Shodai and Terunofuji and the crowd’s collective gasp
32:45 Hakuho and Takayasu
Two guys are 13-0
34:10 Day 14
Hokutofuji and Tamawashi
That cupping is doing Tamawashi wonders!
35:15 I got cupped today.
36:40 Ura and Meisei
38:30 Terunofuji and Takayasu, Terunofuji going into new territory and the stakes. Conflicted feelings.
41:00 Hakuho Trickeration
42:30 Give the guys major props for keeping people on edge.
45:45 Day 15 Show Down
Sumo was so good.
The Set Up
47:45 Terunofuji and Hakuho
The Stare Down
The Fight
That Scream
55:00 News Flash

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