Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 85: News and Myogiryu

Sumo news? It's retirement, hair cutting, celebration and more! Then it's a deep dive into Myogiryu. Just who IS this guy? We chat about his upbringing, all the classes he took as a child (who else can say that he took abacus classes?), his sumo record, injuries, and his strong and weak points (as chosen by him).

Time Codes:
3:00 Ichinojo news
3:45 Kotoyuki Hair Cutting ceremony
6:00 Hakuho's New Conference about Retirement
10:45 Kanreki
15:30 Myogiryu overview
17:45 Why Carol likes him and posture comptitions
18:15 Higher vs taller
19:15 The joy of Japanese Wikipedia
19:30 His family paints sheep or sheet metal
21:00 All the classes he took as a child, including abacus! We're fascinated by abacus class.
25:30 Sumo interest begins in 2nd grade
27:15 His life takes a turn in jr. high
29:00 No interest in painting or sheet metal. He joins sumo instead.
31:00 A wrestler named Jumonji
31:30 Juryo injury and then his rise to Sekiwake
33:30 A story of injury
34:15 Peritoneal vs peritoneum
36:30 His style of sumo
38:00 Very popular with the ladies and his nickname
40:45 His website and his personality, his "strong points"
43:14 His inscriptions, Deep Thoughts by Myogiryu
45:00 His interview with Aori on Youtube
47:15 We're going to Vegas!



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