Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters, comedians, and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 93: John Jacques and the History of American Sumo

Time Codes:
4:30 John Jacques
7:30 History of American sumo in Hawaii
pre war ,
13:00 how WWII affected sumo, and post war
16:00 Jesse - where he’s from
18:00 legs in sumo, ashi and koshi
19:30 The famous fighting 442 regiment and ozumo
21:30 Jesse
23:00an amazing sport, amazing athletes, there’s a change coming
history keeps evolving
24:00His personal story in sumo 1970s
25:00 Arthur Ernie Hunt, the Godfather of Modern American Sumo
His trip to Japan
Americans vs world teams
31:00 Jesse, Konishiki, Akebono, George Kalima
Hawaiians dominating sumo
No more foreigners in Japan sumo
32;00His accident and rehab, no sumo
32:30 Kenna learned from John, his program with sumo and taking kids to Hakuho Cup
34:30 Hawaii will be at N. American tournament
He’s back in sumo again
35:00 Wayne Vierra
37:00 Harrington Wa’a
Groups of sumo wrestlers and the excitement he sees in America
Loves seeing practices online
39:45 Jake Book - Realizing that John has helped people keep sumo alive
It’s this long, long line of people involved in sumo
Competing in sumo, some championships in Hawaii, teacher/coach/sumo, high school sumo team, backyard dohyo, coaching sumo and creating programs for kids, for kids without velcro on this hands, sumo as motivation, and then sending kids to international competitions
What he loves about sumo - learning respect, and giving kids rewards, show kids how to open doors, makes kids better kids, all sports do that-
49:30 physically fit, enjoy life and be a good person, teamwork, makes people get along with each other
50:30 What he hopes to see at the N. American Sumo Championship.
52:00 He teaches us to change kilograms to pounds.