Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 118: Gyoji History According to Leslie and "Papa-gyoji"

Time Codes
:30 Konishiki 40th I just like him. He’s the Kevin Bacon of sumo.
2:30 Shimanoumi’s wedding and the fascinating hat
4:40 Gyoji continued
5:00 A shinto priest walks into a bar
5:30 All I’ve said is a shinto priest is… and worshipers
6:30 intermediary
7:15 That’s what a gyoji is and that’s why they’re dressed in medieval dress
8:30 Imperial Court and The Japanese Medieval Times and Edomura Theme Parks
9:30 Why does sumo look the way it does?
9:45 Remember this guy? He was a good yo-yoist.
11:00 Suppuku and yo yo’s and military leaders
12:00 The organizer of sumo and how it was legitimized
12:45 Death in sumo and Leslie’s Version of Sumo History
13:34 Another man who made rules in sumo- a masterless samurai
15:00 He has a temple
15:15 Who created this gyoji role? It’s between these two. Let’s spitball this.
16:15 Ranks in clothes of gyoji and what they wear
16:45 The War Fan and Leslie forgets her own research from a previous episode “I said that??” “That’s how 2 girls in a closet in TX figure out sumo history in a round about way.”
18:00 seniority
18:45 Where we ended up is where we stayed. Wait, what? Night me - and it’s a mess.
19:15 The hats. Ceremonies. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
22:30 You get a Gumbai. You don’t get a Gumbai. Do you mind referee this match? Leslie’s Japanese History. It makes perfect sense! Send us your research!
25:00 Tate-gyoji vs. Papagyoji.
25:45 Yokozuna level referee! Two fixed positions with their own names.
28:45 What they yell. How they move up in the ranks.
31:00 You should hear what the JSA says about gyoji who make incorrect calls. The have to write reports !
32:00 What you’ll hear on the dohyo from a gyoji
34:45 Oldest gyoji. What he looks like.
25:30 Orgy of the Damned and tassels.
37:15 Hideki Imaoka at the Takadagawa stable and how people describe him. His sound. A strangling chicken sound. Japanese intonation.
39:00 Quotes from Hideki Imaoka - what he’s trying to do as a gyoji and his run up to the highest level
41:00 Why he’s not in the highest gyoji position and examples from his mistake reports
43:15 JSA is tough on gyoji
46:00 Gyoji training
46:40 Personal life - his oldest son collapsed in sumo training. He has had a stroke.

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Shinto Shrines: A Guide to the Sacred Sites of Japan’s Ancient Religion
By Joseph Cali, John Dougill
Gyoji's Attire [行司の装い] - SUMOPEDIAōjiōji式守伊之助_(41代)式守伊之助_(41代)