Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 58: March Basho Days 11-15

We cover a lot in this episode, starting with BINGO, moving through news, and ending with a day by day breakdown of the biggest or most notable fights from each day.

Time codes:
0:25 BINGO winners
6:35 News Flash -Kakuryu retirement
7:40 Sumo accident
12:15 Hokutofuji’s baby
13:00 kids fighting Abi
13:50 Sumo Tournaments in TX
15:20 Day 10 So excited for Takayasu!
16:10 Day 11 Kaisei's losing face
17:45 “These guys, when these guys go after each other, it is like BAM, BAM BAM BAM BAM!”
19:10 “The Power of Terunofuji!!!” He-Man!
20:30 Takayasu’s loss? “It’s OK. It’s just one. It’s alright! Shake it off!
23:00 Day 12 Keisei salt technique “I even used the salt! It didn’t work!”
Akiseyama-Hoshoryu The dead man’s rule and Akiseyama’s belly.
30:10 “Some move that I misspelled so badly that I have no idea what it was…. commentators say what it is and then it’s called something else. A pull? A slap down?”
31:40 Day 13 Akiseyama-Yutakayama
33:45 “A double inside leg trip? How do you a double? You’d need both legs. Straddling from the front?…Like a koala?… You and I might try that.”
35:00 ” Takayasu, I have to calm myself, he needed this win.”
37:20 “This is most detailed breakdown ever. I have watched it over and over. For therapy?”
37:20 Unrewarded best sumo from Takayasu
38:00 What do you think happened?
42:10 “This is why I love sumo, because it went from heartbreak to triumph.” Emotional rollercoaster.
43:20 Day 14 Aoiyama
44:00 “This was the hardest match of my life to watch.” Takayasu - Tobizaru “I hated it. I hated it.”
45:50 “I screamed like this was a horror movie. NOOOOOO!” He was victim to magic at the edge.
47:20 “My heart broke into a million pieces.”
49:35 Day 15 Hidenoumi - Hoshoryu
52:20 Takayasu-Aoiyama “I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.”
55:10 “Not only is he ozeki. He is like prime choice ozeki.”




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