Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 59: Kids in Sumo

Want to know about getting kids involved in sumo? This is your episode! We talk with Jake Book of Ohayo Sumo about his sumo training and how he's building a program for kids. Then we switch gears and discuss the Hakuho Cup, a youth sumo tournament that happens in Japan. And, because we are who we are, we also discuss Dorothy Hamill, Wham!, Gene Kelly, Scott Hamilton, and Mark Hamill.

Time Codes:

:38 Terunofuji bench presses
1:48 "Ha-ripped"
2:18 Newsflash
2:25 Terunofuji becomes an Ozeki
4:53 Nagoya basho in July
5:26 Araiso diploma
5:58 Intro to Jake Book
6:24 Jake Book Interview start
6:40 How Jake got into sumo
9:58 Jake starts an adult sumo club
11:33 Jake starts a youth sumo club
14:12 US sumo future is the kids
16:12 Possible kids USA tournament
20:00 How to find Jake Book
21:00 Garden Hose Dohyo
22:08 Hakuho Cup intro
22:41 Asashoryu Cup
23:50 Hakuho takeover in 2011
26:50 Hakuho speech for kids
27:22 Dorothy Hamill
28:00 Wham! & Gene Kelly
29:30 Mark Hamill Jedi Training
30:00 Leslie's Hamill confusion
30:35 John Gunning article
31:25 International Team
34:10 Jake Book
37:05 Ko-fi donations


Hakuho Cup 2020: Team Final


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