Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 60: Sumo Art

The week's episode is all about art, from the artist and sumo wrestler Kototsurugi to Ukiyo-e prints to modern manga. Also, we'd love for you to fill out a survey for us so we can learn more about what you like. We'll throw in a $50 Amazon gift card for 1 lucky survey respondent. Find the survey here:

Time codes:

4:00 JSA artist Kototsurugi
9:00 “There were sumo wrestlers in the era of dinosaurs and that’s all you need to know And that’s 100% accurate.”
9:15 Edo period and wood block prints
9:50 Erotica uhuhuhuhuhuh
10:10 Ukiyo-e- what does that mean? “Floating World”
11:45 mass produced art
13:00 “Give me some of those sweet, sweet beefy sumo wrestlers.”
15:10 Likeness of wrestlers
16:40 We’re getting there! We are getting better.
17:39 Like stable masters, artists may inherit names.
18:30 36 Views of Mt. Fuji and Hokusei
21:00 Manga
24:30 Explicit manga
25:30 Sumo manga
26:30 Hinomaru Sumo
29:15 Ah! Harimanada
30:15 Luchadore
30:45 Okami-san
31:45 Notari-Matsutaryu
33:00 Fan Fiction
33:25 Chanko and Magic
34:15 Rikijo
34:40 big boobs “All because she has big titties?!”
36:45 The Beautiful Sumo Grand Champion
38:15 Manga and Mangoes
39:00 Sumo Kaboom Manga Fan Fiction
40:10 Survey at


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