Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 62: The Small Boys of Sumo

Smaller sumo wrestlers you may have never heard of. Mainoumi. Height requirements of the past and how men got around them. Enho. Terutsuyoshi. And, why they are so good at what they do.

Plus, a little Spud Webb and cauliflower ears, just to keep it spicy.

2:20 News Flash - Emergency, Covid, Tamawashi, Terunofuji
7:15 “I think the sumo way might be a little different than the SNL way though, don’t you think?
8:37 Banzuke
9:40 “He is beating up our kids.” Sumo parents. “My son is getting beat up by Abi.”
10:35 petition
12:00 Quotes “The will must be stronger than the skill.”
12:00 Small athletes doing something impossible
13:30 Spud Webb
14:00 Muggsy Bogues
14:45 The Tick “He was nicknamed, this was such a great nickname - the tick - because he was known to be small and hungry.” Tamasubaki

18:15 Enho’s height confusion
19:30 1994 sumo height requirement change
21:20 “The Rockettes is just like sumo wrestling. Exactly like it”
21:45 Young wrestler who made himself taller
24:00 Mainoumi
29:40 Enho and Terutsuyoshi
30:30 Heights of smaller guys
31:00 “Think of Enho as the Bruno Mars of sumo. Bruno Mars is also 5’5”, same height, complete bad ass.”
31:30 Enho nicknames, hobbies, friends with Kagayaki
33:30 Self-catering, dating
36:00 Favorite gifts. “His favorite gifts are nutritional foods, eggs, and scissors.” “What does he do with scissors? Maybe he’s a scrapbooker?”
38:00 Enho’s background
41:30 What to watch for
42:15 Terutshuyoshi’s wrestling
42:30 Terutsuyoshi’s background, earthquake
47:30 His instagram
48:10 Popular for his salt throw and ears
49:00 Cauliflower ears
50:55 His record, his technique, judo, direct attacking style
52:00 Terutsuyoshi quote
52:50 Next week



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