Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 63: Konishiki

Time codes for episode 63:

1:03 Bingo
3:30 Newsflash
3:50 Hibikiryu
5:57 Intro to Konishiki
8:04 Interview start
9:06 sumo newbie schedule
11:49 Remembering his Oyakata (Yokozuna Asashio)
12:50 Shikona history
14:30 A fast rise to the top
15:30 Oyakata was also a foreigner
16:30 How do wrestlers date?
18:20 Getting married as a sumo wrestler
20:38 Hot tubs and tournament backstage
22:00 respect
22:30 gifts
23:35 Sponsoring the wrestlers
24:10 Retirement transition
26:19 The low down on the retirement
29:56 The popularity of Konishiki
31:58 Cussing in Japanese
33:30 The businessman Konishiki
34:19 Konishiki is still connected to the JSA
36:44 He wants to spread sumo to the world further
38:00 Reality TV & developing talent
39:00 work ethic
40:51 He hates small guys
42:15 It's easier to fight a big guy
43:09 He squashed Mainoumi
43:21 Backstage at a tournament
44:50 Training during tours
45:30 Training leading up to bashos
46:11 Nerves
47:00 Before the bout
48:00 Tournament is a test day mentally
48:58 Moment before tachiai
51:30 stare down
52:42 Ozeki pressure
55:30 Wrap up

If you want to watch the full interview with Konishiki, go to our Youtube channel:

More about Konishiki:



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