Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 64 May Basho Days 1-3

We're happy that the BINGO has begun and the sumo is on!

BINGO and a $50 winner
7:30 back pleated pants
9:20 Day 1 sumo
10:30 Why give up on your passion?
10:45 New camera angles - we love ‘em
11:15 poster reveal “Sci fi meets sumo.”
12:00 It’s the ultimate hero shot…
13:15 Day 1 Sumo Chiyomaryu and Ishiura are back
“I miss those buns o’steel and I swear he’s been working on those traps for the past 6 months. Yes - and I think it’s all for the new gold mawashi. He’s a vision from head to toe.”
14:00 Rocky vs. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
15:45 Kotonowaka v Terursuyoshi “We’ve all had days like that, Kotonowaka.”
18:00 Hokutofuji’s new mawashi
19:20 Day 2 Enho’s injury
20:20 Akiseyama vs Kotoeko “Akiseyama had some really good tricks up his mawashi, if you will.”
22:55 Hidenoumi, the gangster; Onosho, the “I’m very proud of myself face. These guys have very distinctive post-bout faces." And James Gandofini.
29:00 Wakatakakage
30:15 Laverne and Shirley. Or Kip’s Big Boy sumo.
32:55 Day 3
34:00 Takarafuji also loves silence
35:00 Endo’s shiko
37:00 Landing on a shinpan slomo
39:40 One sumo match worth the price of admission: Asanoyama vs Wakatakakage
42:00 Energetic grounding
44:15 Yokozuna fights look easy

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