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Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 65: May Basho Days 4-9 and Hot Takes with Konishiki

Ever wondered what an ex-sumo wrestler thinks of the guys who are wrestling now? This is your episode! Hot Takes with Konishiki - what does he think of Terunofuji, Asanoyama, Shodai, Wakatakakage, Hoshoryu, falling into the audience, and what a wrestler needs to win. What's happening in this May basho? Konishiki sees it all.

Also, we give you our non-professional and absolutely fan-based breakdown of the sumo that's heating up in the May basho. Don't come to us for the sumo know-how. Listen to us for the silliness and fan love.

:27 Newsflash
:35 Poland International sumo competition canceled
1:04 Chiyonikuni knee injury
1:46 Dallas Sumo Club/Dark Circle Sumo joint practice
3:12 Hot Takes with Konishiki
3:39 Konishki
13:04 Day 4
19:39 Day 5
24:13 Day 6
28:40 Day 7
34:34 Trickeration
34:56 Day 8
39:20 Day 9


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