Sumo Kaboom

Leslie and Laurie Collins, Texan sisters, comedians, and diehard sumo fans, talk about all things sumo.

Episode 89: November Banzuke

Time codes:
0:00 It’s just like Wellington. No it’s nothing like Wellington.
2:15 News- Terunofuji’s new book and Pokemon
6:00 Joint keiko
7:45 Sumo Buns I’m astonished by their perfect buns. And Terunofuji’s WHAT muscle?
8:15 The psoas - where is it? We could have a long conversation about muscles and where they are.
9:30 What if those buns were on your body?
11:00 The Banzuke
11:15 Only 1 yokozuna - 1st time Hakuho’s name wasn’t on there since I started watching, interviews with Terunofuji
12:45 Ozeki
14:45 Sekiwake - no Asanoyama. Why didn’t he drop to Komusubi? The bottom dropped out. Maybe it just took a while to drop from ozeki? I guess the real difference from dropping from ozeki and now it’s a free fall.
17:00 Komusubi - hello to Kiribyama
17:35 “He’s crafting a nice yokozuna body.”
18:50 M1- Wakataka is back!
20:20 M2
20:55 M3
21:20 M4
21:40 M5 - the end of careers and reality vs. jokes
25:25 the banzuke is growing on me
27:25 M12 Ishiura kept his rank
28:25 Abi is back!
30:30 Akua, Sadanoumi, Shohozan is back and the lady fans must be happy "He’s got a pretty smile but you’ll never see it on the dohyo. Yes, he’s very sourpussy.”
31:45 Keisei and his sweet spirit. He needs a new name or a new mawashi.
33:00 From listeners - how to watch the charity sumo tournament that Colton Runyan talked about last week

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